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Meet Shaban, Sofie, and Ruby. Because of them, we emBARKed on a blogging journey to celebrate and share the joy these little furballs bring.

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Hey Pom Parents! 🐾 Welcome to your go-to spot for living the good life with your fluffy friend! This is a comprehensive blog dedicated to Pomeranian care tips, expert health and diet recommendations, proven alopecia treatments, insights into different Pomeranian breeds, creative name suggestions, and fascinating Pomeranian facts. Whether you’re a seasoned Pomeranian owner or a new enthusiast, our blog offers a one-stop destination to ensure your fluffy companion stays healthy and joyful. Join our community of Pomeranian lovers and give your Pom the best care possible!

pomeranians care
pomeranians care

About Pomeranians


Pomeranians are a breed of small dog known for their fluffy coats and lively personalities. They come in a variety of colors, like orange, black, and white. They’re a favorite for people living in small spaces because they don’t need a lot of room to get their energy out.


Pomeranians got their name from a region between Poland and Germany called Pomerania. They are related to big, powerful sled dogs from the Arctic. Over time, these dogs were bred to be smaller by folks in Pomerania who wanted cute, small pets instead of big work dogs.

Back in the day, Queen Victoria of England fell in love with a Pom that was smaller than the rest. She started breeding them to be even tinier. Because a queen liked them, Pomeranians became super popular. Since then, they’ve been winning hearts all over the world with their adorable looks and big-dog attitudes.


Don’t let their size fool you. Pomeranians have a bold and brave heart. They’re always ready for adventure, even if it’s just exploring a new corner of the living room. They can be a little bossy and love being the center of attention. Pomeranians are smart cookies, too, making them pretty good at learning tricks.

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