A little about us and our Pomeranian dogs – Shaban, Sofie and Ruby

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Meet our 3 Pom babies:

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Shaban is our first baby! We got him a long time ago and he is the craziest one in the house. Simply untamable, he understands everything but is simply not willing to obey :’D. Very spoiled since he used to be the only dog in the house for quite some time.


The smallest in size and the most fearless in character! When she came to us she was scared of every sound around her. She was treated poorly in her previous environment and the trauma made her very soft and fragile. After a few years with us – Sofie is FEARLESS. She even barks at big dogs in the neighborhood.


The beauty of the house! Soft, silky and elegant, Ruby is the embodiment of grace. She is the 3rd one to join our family (can’t say the last one since we plan on expanding this family on and on!).

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