Expert Guide: Are You Supposed to Cut Pomeranian’s Hair?

Are You Supposed to Cut Pomeranian’s Hair

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The Pomeranian breed comes from Arctic regions and has been bred to a smaller size from sled-pulling ancestors. That’s why they have a double-layered coat that keeps them cozy in harsh weather. But Pomeranians are anything but your typical lap dogs. They’re known for their bold spirit and a touch of regal elegance, accentuated by their luxurious fur, which gives them the appearance of tiny lions. Yet, this coat often sparks the question: Are you supposed to cut Pomeranian’s hair? Let’s debate.

Are You Supposed to Cut Pomeranian's Hair

Are You Supposed to Cut Pomeranian’s Hair or No?

Deciding whether to cut or shave a Pomeranian’s fur is not as straightforward as it might seem. On one side, some believe it offers relief from summer heat and simplifies grooming. On the other side, concerns about appearance and health make some people oppose such drastic measures. The reason for this controversy is that the impact of haircutting varies depending on the breed; what’s suitable for one breed might not be the best choice for another.

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For instance, while certain breeds like poodles can be clipped without harming their fur or skin health, this might not hold true for our beloved Pomeranians. This leads us to explore the unique characteristics of a Pomeranian’s coat, both in terms of beauty and function. Only with this understanding can we confidently know are you supposed to cut Pomeranian’s hair.

Pomeranian’s Double Coat

Before looking deeper into the mechanics of a Pomeranian’s coat, it’s essential to know its unique features. Pomeranians have a ‘double coat,’ which may sound fancy but is quite straightforward. This double coat has two layers: an undercoat and an outer coat, often called ‘guard hair.’ The undercoat is dense and fluffy, creating that cute plush-toy look Poms are known for. On the other hand, the guard hairs are straight and shiny, providing their coat with a distinctive luster. Both layers serve important purposes.

Are You Supposed to Cut Pomeranian's Hair

The undercoat acts as insulation, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. The outer layer repels water and shields against dirt and UV rays. These features make Pomeranians not only adorable but also naturally equipped to handle various weather conditions.

Functionality of a Pom’s Coat

You might wonder why these little pups need such fluffy coats. Well, there’s science behind it. As mentioned, the undercoat provides excellent insulation. Think of it as your dog’s built-in central heating system or air conditioner. It keeps them warm in the snow and helps maintain their body temperature in the heat.

Additionally, the guard hair sheds water, making it easier for Poms to dry off after playing in the rain or taking a bath. So, their double coat isn’t just about looking stylish; it’s a functional outfit.

Are You Supposed to Cut Pomeranian's Hair

How a Pomeranian’s Coat Differs From Other Breeds

Pomeranians aren’t the only ones with double coats, but what sets them apart is the density and texture of their fur. Unlike longer-haired breeds like Shih Tzus or Cocker Spaniels, a Pomeranian’s fur stands off from their body, giving them that fluffy appearance. The balance of undercoat to guard hair is different in Poms compared to breeds like Huskies, which have less undercoat relative to guard hair. This balance gives Pomeranians their signature ‘poof.’ So, when you see these little furballs strutting their stuff, remember there’s a method to this fluffiness! So, are you supposed to cut Pomeranian’s hair? Let’s see some pros and cons.

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To Trim or Not to Trim: Weighing Both Sides

In the realm of dog grooming, few topics stir as much debate as Pomeranian haircuts. Some owners are all for it, while others strongly object. What do you thing? Are you supposed to cut Pomeranian’s hair? You can leave a comment bellow this post! Let’s explore both sides of the argument.

Pros of Trimming a PomeranianCons of Trimming a Pomeranian
Provides heat relief during hot summersPotential damage to the undercoat if not done correctly
Easier grooming and maintenanceRisk of reduced insulation in cold weather
Reduces matting, tangles, and sheddingIncreased risk of sunburn and skin damage
Allows for distinctive and stylish grooming options, like the “Pom Lion Cut”Can lead to “coat funk,” where the undercoat doesn’t grow back properly
Can be more comfortable for the dog in very hot weatherPotential complications, including skin cancer due to increased sun exposure

Reasons to Trim a Pomeranian’s Hair

Trimming a Pom’s hair has several advantages. Many owners do it to help their furry friends stay cool during hot summers, believing a lighter coat can reduce heat-related issues. Easier grooming and maintenance are another reason; dealing with mats, tangles, and shedding can be time-consuming. A shorter coat makes daily care more manageable. Plus, some people love the “Pom Lion Cut” for its distinctive and regal appearance.

Arguments Against Cutting a Pom’s Hair

Are you supposed to cut Pomeranian’s hair or no?

Are You Supposed to Cut Pomeranian's Hair

Despite the benefits of trimming, there are strong arguments against it. Improper cutting techniques or excessive trimming can damage the undercoat, which provides insulation. A shorter coat might seem more comfortable in summer, but it can affect a Pom’s ability to regulate body temperature in the heat.

Shaving can expose the skin to the sun, increasing the risk of sunburn and long-term skin damage, including skin cancer. While trimming can be advantageous, it’s crucial to weigh these benefits against the potential risks, always prioritizing your furry friend’s well-being.

What Professionals Say

Professional groomers and veterinarians usually advise against drastic alterations to a Pomeranian’s natural coat composition. A fully shaved Pom may look stylish, but it can lead to sunburn and “coat funk,” where the undercoat doesn’t grow back properly. To avoid these issues, professionals recommend focusing on maintaining a healthy Pom coat through regular brushing and selective trims in sensitive areas like the ears, feet, and rear end.

Are You Supposed to Cut Pomeranian's Hair

Alternatives to Haircuts Pampering Your Pom

Proud Pom owners can manage their pet’s hair by doing regular brushing routines. Tools like a slicker brush or comb can untangle knots and reduce shedding while preserving that classic Pom puff. For those who prefer professional help, groomers have the expertise to keep your pet’s coat in top shape.

Bathing your Pom also plays a crucial role in maintaining their coat health. Use dog-friendly shampoos and conditioners that respect their skin’s pH balance.

A lukewarm bath every three to six weeks will keep your Pom clean and cuddly.

9 Interesting Facts About Pomeranian’s Coat

  1. Double Layered Coat: Pomeranians have a double coat, which keeps them comfy and looks lovely.
  2. Temperature Control: Their double coat acts like a natural thermostat, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer.
  3. Seasonal Shedding: Pomeranians shed their undercoat seasonally, so they need extra care during this time.
  4. Adorable Puppy Fur: Pomeranian puppies start with soft, lighter fur that transforms into their adult double coat.
  5. Color Variety: Pomeranians come in various colors, and their coat colors can change as they grow.
  6. Glossy Guard Hairs: The outer coat is made of shiny guard hairs that add luster and protect the undercoat.
  7. Shedding Reality: Pomeranians do shed, but regular brushing helps manage it. They aren’t hypoallergenic.
  8. Coat Care: Consistent grooming and brushing are crucial to prevent tangles, mats, and excessive shedding.
  9. Signature Fluff: The Pomeranian’s charming fluffiness comes from the right balance of undercoat and guard hairs.

Real-Life Experiences Stories from Pom Owners

Real-life stories offer a mix of experiences. One owner cut her Pom’s hair due to summer heat but regretted it when her furry friend felt uncomfortable indoors and got sunburned during walks. Another owner chose not to trim and found that regular brushing kept the pet comfortable and maintained the coat’s natural brilliance.


So, are you supposed to cut Pomeranian’s hair? While it’s tempting to experiment with your furry companion’s hair, always prioritize their needs and biology. Whether you opt for grooming or au naturel, ensuring your Pom feels comfortable and happy should be the top priority. After all, beneath those lush locks is a heart full of boundless affection for you!

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